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Five Weird Things about Hair Color

We human beings differ in many things than we can possibly imagine to have been possible. It is because of this reason, that many people opt to have plastic surgeries done to them so that we can correct what we think is wrong. There are many things that we differ as human beings when compared to another person, this may be in the way the other person smiles, how their teeth are shaped, and the size of someones lips, their nose and many other things. There are also some weird and rare things that we find in a person having that are found in a person.

There are five things that we are going to talk about the human hair in this article that we dont know of. Black is the most common color that many people are familiar to on someones head. Having a red hair is one of the rarest hair color that we have seen. Not so many people have got this kind of hair color since only a few of them are born with this hair color. Those people with this hair color are said to have a strong personality. Another category that is rare is that of red hair and blue eyes. This is also among the rare kinds of color combinations that are found on a single person, there are little odds of a person having this combination and even the scientist say that soon, this kind of people will be nonexistent in the world. For one to have this color combination, one is said to have to inherit two sets of genes for both the eyes and the hair color.

For the people that have got blonde hair, they are said to be as a result of undergoing genetic mutation. It is very simple to make a person blonde, this is by just making a tiny change in their DNA. Luckily, for this people, they can be in a position to change their hair color to what they prthis personthis people with blonde hair, it is simple for them to change their hair if they want to do so. Another weird about the human hair is that, men like blondes. Those women whom have blonde hair are said to look needy and also are considered approachable y most men. Lastly, the hair color of a person is said to influence the sex life of person. Studies have been done and it has been discovered that those people with red hairs are two sets more active sexually and they tend to enjoy better sex lives. It is because of this reason that many people are now changing their hair color to red and read more here.