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Troubleshooting Your AC

Summer is that time of the year when the population outside is less than the population of people tucked into their homes. There is nothing worse than having your AC fail during summer. If you find yourself sweating with your AC on, then you should try and find out what is wrong with it. Finding the problems could be a bit difficult if you do not know what exactly you are supposed to be looking for. This article seeks to educate the reader on a number of AC troubleshooting tips to help get their AC back in working condition.

Firstly, ensure that you check your air filter. It is important to note that on rare occasions, a dirty filter could be the reason why your AC is failing. Finding a dirty ai filter is very simple. You should just open up your AC and look for dust in its filters. The dust could be what is preventing your AC from working and so all you need to do is remove the dirty one and replace it with a clean one. If you do not find dust in your air filters, we move to the next step.

You should then proceed to look at your thermostat settings. Your thermostat could be set on warm settings rather than cool. There is a very high number of people who call in failing ACs only for them to realize that the problem is that they forgot to set their thermostats on cool. The instructions given on your ACs manual should help you set your thermostat to a temperature that you are comfortable with.

At times, your Ac could be fine but your AC breaker could be the on with a problem. Ensure that the switch that controls your AC is on as this could be the issue. If your circuit breaker trips after you turn on your AC, contact your electrician because the cause for your system failure could be electrical.

You may be experiencing a lot of heat in your home because your air vents are blocked. Remove any rug, furniture or other material on your air vent as this could be the cause of all your troubles. Ensure that even those air vents in rooms that are not occupied are not blocked.

A dirty outdoor unit could also be the cause of all your troubles. It is important to note that a dirty outdoor unit will not only cause a system malfunction, but also make your electricity bills go up since it uses a lot of power to try and perform its task. You can easily take care of this by washing your unit gently with a hose. If you notice that your condenser is dirty as well, call a professional to clean it for you.