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Prominent Lawyers Who Left a Legacy in History

Lawyers are very influential people in the community on the especially on significant issues of human rights. The importance of the lawyers might not be apparent at first glance, but they are well documented and visible if you look carefully. Their actions are very vital on significant policies and regulations which have developed society to the way it is today. Attorneys can create positive or adverse impacts on the community. The personalities described in this article represents some of the prominent lawyers.

The first famous lawyer of his time is Abraham Lincoln. He adopted a nickname ‘Honest Abe’ which indicated his royalty and honest interactions with those around him including his clients. He is famous for the murder case he won using an almanac to argue the innocence of the client he was defending. He is also well known for his achievement of being the American president. He is also credited to some of the most influential judicial reforms in the United States during his tenure as president.

Another well-known and reputable lawyer is Barack Obama. It is safe to conclude without doubt that he is the most famous attorney in modern times. He is a great inspiration to a lot of people due to his humble background and major political achievement. He overcame the racial challenges of the to become the first African American president as well as a senator. He is a role model to a lot of people in political authority, law institutions and other aspects of life due to his personality and policies.

The third lawyer who left a mark in history is Woodrow Wilson. He is recognized as one of the most famous people in his era. He went on to become a president of the United States which further increased his impacts and control in society. He served as a president during the First World War, and he was a significant influence of the war. He is a former student of the still famous University of Virginia school of law where he pursued and achieved his law degree.

In conclusion, Barbara Jordan is one of the most influential lawyers in history. She served in the state senate of Texas and broke significant gender barriers to succeed. She is well known for her well-crafted speech which sought to support the impeachment of the Nixon from the presidency. Her speech is considered among some of the most powerful on history. You can look more into the speech by doing a simple search about it to get a detailed view of why it’s so famous. Her success is well attributed to vigilance and hard work because the possibilities of her success were significantly reduced by racism and gender inequality at the time.