Easy Tips For Shaping Eyebrows For Beginners

Are you still confused about how to form the right eyebrows for your face? houseofbeautysalons.com gives you easy tips! The shape of the eyebrows will affect the overall appearance of the face. You can look fierce, younger or even older depending on the shape of your eyebrows. Of course you want to look younger and beautiful, right? If you are still a beginner when it comes to makeup, there are several ways that you can follow when shaping your eyebrows.

Prepare Some Tools Needed

Required Tools:

  1. Eyebrow Pencil/Eyebrow Gel
  2. Eyebrow Brush

Now we start shaping the eyebrows. The steps:

  1. Brush eyebrows upwards

Brush the eyebrows upwards using a spoolie (the tip of the brush in the eyebrow pencil). Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows

Determine The Starting Point, Middle And End Of The Eyebrows

The trick, use an eyebrow pencil to measure the starting point of the base, middle and end of your eyebrows. To define the base of the eyebrows, align the eyebrow pencil from the nostrils. For the middle, the benchmark is your eyeball. And for the tip of the eyebrows, again use the eyebrow pencil from the nostrils following the corners of the eyes. Give a point with an eyebrow pencil at the base, middle and end of the eyebrows that you measured earlier

Fill Eyebrow Frame

Fill the eyebrow frame from the base to the tip of the eyebrow. Don’t press the eyebrow pencil too hard so that the results are natural and easier to trim if something goes wrong

 Trim Eyebrows

Back to trim the eyebrows with a spoolie, brush the eyebrow hairs upwards.

It’s easy, right? Now your eyebrows can look bright and frame your face properly.