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One would wonder what would happen if the world ended. When the world ends many things that we using they could not be available thus making many people wonder how the life could be. As a freelancer it’s always important to have the needed skills to survive in a new world. Steel and ink is a type of game that can make the freelance writer gain more important skills. It helps create the needed competition between those that work from o0me and those that carry out their work from office.

A type of game that is fun and involves freelance who work and deal with apocalypse e to try getting their work fix is referred to as steel and ink. This article deals with the full episode of steel and ink. In this episode we see Joe and Ethan . Joe and Ethan are brothers but one is specialized in farming while the other in freelance writings. When Ethan smiles back at his brother Joe, Joe says there is something that Ethan is trying to hide from him. When Joe saw the smile on Ethan he knew that they would be a thing that could happen and all that was not correct. When Ethan smiled meant that whatever that he could make his brother do was unpleasant.

In this episode we learn that one is supposed to lender help despite the situation. Ethan reminds Joe of how they used to make fun of him before their parents died not knowing that one day he could help his brother Joe. Thus when Ethan tells this brother that he could offer the help he does not believe it.

In this episode there is still a story between Sarah and his boyfriend Tyron. In the area people are packing only the valuables and fleeing away without knowing exactly where they are going. People had known that their world had changed however they didnt know what they can do next. This is where both Sarah and Tyrone are in the same boat in which the people that are fleeing are in. Sarah was in many thoughts without knowing what they should d but Tyron had already fixed a plan. The little story is the final one in this episode. This is a family that is putting together all that they may need in the journey.

Despite most of her kids being excited there was Katla and Tom who were much worried about the future. Most of their adult life they had lived in the suburbs and now to was time to leave. One is able to obtain all the details about steel and ink when they read through this article.