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Safe Drinking Guidelines That can Save Your Life

Reaching the legal drinking age should not make you abuse alcohol and drink without a care in the world. Let’s face it; drinking can be a lot of fun, but only if it is done moderately. Regardless of alcohol being pleasure-inducing, it can wreak havoc to your life if not controlled. It is a no-brainer that overindulgence in alcohol will never augur well for anyone. Apart from causing a wide variety of health issues, abusing alcohol can bring about accidents and suffering. It is imperative to learn more about responsible drinking to be on the safe side and also avoid endangering other people’s lives. To start with, here are a few guidelines on how you can drink in moderation.

It always beats logic drinking while hungry and expecting not to get very high. Any website dealing with responsible drinking matters will advise against drinking on an empty stomach. Alcohol finds its way to your bloodstream via the stomach and small intestines. You will definitely get drunk faster if you drink on an empty stomach. So it is wise to have a meal before drinking begins. It would be a prudent idea to eat during the drinking period.

Sometimes it is very easy to forget how many drinks you have taken. This is especially when you are out drinking with friends and drinks are coming in rounds at a mercurial speed. So that you won’t lose count and drink more than intended, always count your drinks. Always have a set limit of the drinks you can take and be unwavering in sticking to the limit. It is recommended to avoid drinking buddies who drink too much and avoid drinking in rounds to be on the safe side.

The blood alcohol concentration or BAC determines your body’s reaction to alcohol. This is the amount of alcohol in your blood and the more you drink, the higher your BAC will be. To ensure that your BAC doesn’t rise to unsafe proportions, there are some precautions that you need to take. First, you need to opt for drinks with low alcoholic content. If this is not possible, make sure that take lots of water in between drinks. In addition, instead of gulping down drinks, why don’t you take controlled sips?

If you hope to drink responsibly, give drinking games a wide berth. Give drinking games, shots, and skolling races a wide berth as they will mess you up greatly. Those type of games will cause you drinks past your set limit. While caught up in the spirit of the games; pun intended, you can easily lose count of how many drinks you have had. Playing games like pool and dancing are alternative choices. Never mix alcohol with energy drinks as they will make you drink more. These are some handy tips that can help you drink alcohol in a responsible manner.

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