How Does a Fue Hair Transplant Work

a man having a hair transplant and hopefully it will work

Many men find it very annoying when they are going bald. Some men get hair loss faster than others. For example, you may develop bald patches or get much deeper inlets. For many men, it is important to have a beautiful hairstyle and this is something they value. Yet in most cases, hair loss cannot be prevented, and you will always suffer from it at a certain age. Because of this, hair transplants have become hugely popular and more and more people are opting for them. Indeed, with a hair transplant, it is possible to get a beautiful hairstyle. You can combat hair loss and ensure that the hair actually stays in place.

If you suffer from baldness or a scar where hair no longer grows, a hair transplant can be the solution. These days, the treatments are very professional, and the results are also very beautiful. Nowadays, the fue hair transplant technique is used and this is a newer technique, this makes it almost impossible to find out that you have had a transplant done. Do you want to know exactly how it works? Below, we really tell you all about it!

Fue hair transplant

There are different hair transplant techniques and each one works differently. In each hair transplant technique, your own hair is moved to the place where the hair has become thinner. In all cases, the hair is taken from the back of your head, as this is where higher-quality hair follicles are located. The feu hair transplant technique is ideal, and here they use a very fine needle. This needle is many times finer than other techniques, and in this way the donor area is spared. The hair follicles come from an area where it cannot fall out, so they do not fall out in the donor area either. As long as you stay healthy, the hairs actually stay!


There are several advantages to hair transplantation. The first advantage is that it is performed virtually painlessly and the latest techniques are used. In addition, it is virtually invisible and there is no way to check that you have taken a hair transplant. Besides doing a hair transplant on your scalp, you can also opt for a beard transplant. Especially for people who do not yet have beard growth, this is very convenient. In addition, it is also possible to take a transplant for eyebrows. Look quickly at the internet for a clinic willing to help you with this, and do not only look at the cost of the transplant.