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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

It is quite difficult to plan a wedding since everything must be perfect on that big day. Most people usually overlook the songs to be played during the ceremony. There are several things you need to consider when selecting the ceremony music for your wedding if you want it to be perfect. View here for more information about what you need to do to make sure you have the perfect list of songs for your ceremony.

Before you start looking at the types of songs, make sure you know the number of songs that you will need. The first music to be played is usually the prelude which plays before the ceremony starts. For the prelude you can choose a number of songs since this part can last between twenty to thirty minutes. Next pick two processional songs, one for you as you walk down the aisle and one for your wedding party. The music you pick for your wedding party should be one that everyone can walk down the aisle to than yours should play next after they take their places. Next you should pick the interlude music that will be playing during the ceremony during certain parts. You will also need a recession song that will be played after you become husband and wife and you are now walking together down the aisle. The recession song should be upbeat and fun for you and your husband to dance to as you leave for your reception and also it should be able to set the mood for the party. The postlude song is the one that will be played after your guests bid you farewell and are chatting waiting for the cocktail hour.

Another tip for selecting the perfect music is that you should consider the venue of the ceremony. If your wedding is going to take place in a church or temple or any other religious place, you should first inquire about any restrictions as to the kind of songs you can play there. However if you are getting married outside, then you are free to choose whichever ceremony music you like.

Another thing you should consider is the lyrics. You should not choose songs just because you love them, but take your time to learn the lyrics so that you can know whether the message conveyed matches what your ceremony is about. Make sure that the songs you choose to convey the right message and if you cant find one opt for instrumental music.

Again, you should avoid as much as possible selecting songs last minute just because you heard a new song on the radio.