Does Working Out Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Xercise, on the whole, is god for your health.  Working out on a regular basis is good for your physical health, will give you energy, will be good for your state of mind, and will improve your night’s sleep.  Too much of a good thing, including exercise, is not always a good thing.  Some experts have argued that one of the side effects of too much, or excessive exercise, is hair loss.  Is that hair loss temporary or permanent?  Is there any truth to this claim that too much exercise will cause hair loss?  Continue reading to find out.

Cause Hair Loss

Hair is lost in a permanent or temporary way.  Nobody really knows exactly why hair loss occurs, but most attribute it to genetics.  In the case of permanent hair loss, there is not too much that can be done to prevent hair loss.  You should be concerned with temporary hair loss.  Temporary hair loss has three common causes: nutrition, stress, and hair care.  Most athletes fall prey to these three causes.


This is the biggest reason for temporary hair loss – especially among people who workout excessively for weight loss.  Often athletes and those who exercise regularly do not think enough about nutrition.  You may think cutting calories will trim your waistline, but it may also do the same to your hairline.  To prevent this, eat foods that are rich with nutrients.  Your hair will thank you.


If you are exercising too much, you may be subjecting your body to a lot of stress.  Your exercises should not last for longer than an hour per day.  To avoid hair loss due to stress, find a way to reduce stress in your workouts or in other areas of your life.  Remember to stretch and cool down after your exercises.

Hair Care

When it comes to how you treat your hair, you will reap what you sew.  If you do not take care of your hair, it will become evident.  If you neglect to shower after workouts, sweat build-up can cause hair loss.  Get rid of that sweaty, dirty hat as well.  Tight hair do’s like braids and ponytails, also put strain on the hair.  Pool water can also wreak havoc on your hair.  To reduce the hair loss risk due to hair care, be sure to keep your scalp sweat free and clean.  Clean your hats and use looser hair configurations.  Wet your hair before going into a pool with non-chlorinated water, or try wearing a swim cap.

Exercise properly and do not over do it.  Exercise should never just be about one issue like weight loss.  Keep in mind that exercise will affect everything right down to your hair.  Strike up a proper balance that is responsible and healthy.

Temporary hair loss can usually be avoided by carefully thinking about nutrition, stress reduction and hair care.  If you can’t seem to combat your hair loss on your own, consider scheduling an appointment with a hair loss specialist. Are you taking proper care of your hair?  Have you experienced thinning hair as a result of excessive exercising?  Which treatment for hair loss worked best for you?  Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.