7 Ways to Overcome a Breakout Face

Pollution Acne

Have you ever experienced sudden pimples on your face? Well, that falls into the breakout face category. This condition, which is characterized by inflammation and redness on the face, occurs due to an incompatibility of certain product ingredients. If you leave it for too long, of course, this can interfere with your self-confidence, right? For that, come on, find out how to deal with facial breakouts without the hassle in the following article.

Stop Using Makeup When Face Breakout

If your face is breaking out, it’s better for you to stop using makeup for a while, friend. Because who knows, there are certain ingredients in makeup that can sometimes trigger allergies in sensitive skin. By taking time to rest from using makeup, your face can breathe for a moment and neutralize its original condition.

Diligent Face Wash

The most basic way to deal with breakout faces is to wash your face. If you are lazy to clean your face before taking a break, usually dirt, dust, and pollution on the surface of your face can be infected by Propionibacterium acne, a bacterium that converts sebum on your face into fatty acids. If left too long, this can trigger inflammation in the form of redness and pimples that appear on the face.

Use Moisturizer

The face needs to be smeared with moisturizer so that the moisture level is maintained and avoids the process of exfoliating the skin. In choosing a moisturizer for a breakout face, look for products labeled “non-comedogenic”. This is because this product is safe to use even for acne-prone, oily, dry to combination skin because it does not trigger blackheads and blockages in facial pores.

Change Face Towel

The way to deal with the next breakout face is to replace the face towel regularly. Its repeated use every day makes the surface of the towel dirty until finally, bacteria accumulates there. So, change your face towels every week and make sure your face is completely clean from remaining dust, dirt, and makeup before wiping it!

Manage Sleep Hours

friend, it turns out that facial breakouts can be triggered by irregular sleeping hours! That’s why it’s really important to fix sleeping hours as one of the ways to deal with facial breakouts. You see, the effect of lack of sleep makes the hormone cortisol increase which triggers inflammation of the skin.

From now on, let’s stay up less and set a rest time at night not too late, and at least 6-8 hours. By rearranging your sleeping habits to be tidier, your facial skin will undoubtedly return to health and won’t break out easily anymore!

Paste the Acne Patch

For friends whose breakout condition are pimples. You can use an acne patch to help overcome them! In general. Acne patches claim that they are able to treat acne practically because they contain Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil. These three actives are believed to help calm breakout facial skin because they can kill acne-causing bacteria. Not only that, acne patches can also protect your skin from the habit of popping pimples, you know! The skin is protected from touching the surface of the hands or other objects that have bacteria, and inflammation of the skin can be avoided!

Consumption of Water

Finally, how to deal with facial breakouts that are no less important is to consume at least 2 liters of water a day. As we know. Water is very good for maintaining skin health because of its ability to remove toxins from the skin. Hydrate the body so that the skin is kept moisturized, and reduce the potential for clogged pores on the face. Therefore. Fulfill the need to drink water every day so that the body’s system runs smoothly.

Those are some ways to deal with facial breakouts that you can try. In order for breakout facial treatments to be more optimal, you can also supplement your skin’s nutrition using a sheet mask regularly twice a week,