5 Great Mascara Application Tips

If you want your lashes to look like falsies, try these mascara application tips that will help you add length and volume:

Heat Your Curler

To open up your eyes and make your lashes more visible, make sure that you curl them first. To make your curl hold, try heating your curler up for a few seconds by running hot water over it or by holding it in front of a blow dryer or light bulb. You might also want to try purchasing a heated curler. The heated curlers that look like giant mascara wands are great for girls who don’t want to risk pulling out lashes or crimping them by using a regular eyelash curler.

Use A Primer

After curling, apply a primer to hold your curl and to give your mascara something to stick to. You might want to try a product like It Cosmetics Tight line Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer ($24). It comes in black, so you’ll already have a color base before applying your mascara. It also has an extremely skinny wand that helps you get to the root of your lashes. Let your primer dry for about a minute before applying your mascara.

Wiggle While Applying

When you’re applying your mascara, start at the root and wiggle the mascara wand in a zigzag motion. This movement will help to coat your lashes better.

Let Your Mascara Dry Out

If you have a tube of new mascara that’s too wet and is making a mess of your lashes, there’s a way to solve this problem. Simply wave the mascara wand back and forth in the air for a few seconds to dry it out a little. You might also try heating up your closed tube of mascara in a cup of hot water for a few minutes before you use it. This makes it easier to apply.

Layer Mascara

This is one of the best mascara application tips for those who want the falsie look. Try applying two or three layers of a lengthening mascara Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length ($8) first. Alternate between eyes when applying the layers to get the best results. Follow this with two or three layers of a volumizing mascara like Rimmel Volume Accelerator ($9). If you’re afraid of clumps, use a lash brush or comb between applications.