Evoking Your Own Cinematic Look

Makeup is used for a wide variety of occasions including events, for work, and especially dating. One major instance however is when filming a movie or TV show.

A Brief Look into History

During the early days of cinema, filmmakers encountered issues such as their cameras significantly darkening the actors’ skin color. As a result, white actors would wear heavy … Read More

Easy Tips For Shaping Eyebrows For Beginners

Are you still confused about how to form the right eyebrows for your face? houseofbeautysalons.com gives you easy tips! The shape of the eyebrows will affect the overall appearance of the face. You can look fierce, younger or even older depending on the shape of your eyebrows. Of course you want to look younger and beautiful, right? If you … Read More

5 Great Mascara Application Tips

If you want your lashes to look like falsies, try these mascara application tips that will help you add length and volume:

Heat Your Curler

To open up your eyes and make your lashes more visible, make sure that you curl them first. To make your curl hold, try heating your curler up for a few seconds by running hot … Read More

15 Things I’ve Learned (and Relearned) Recently, and a

    1. Learn new communication skills. It’s always a good thing.
    2. You don’t have to respond right away. It’s fine to pause and take a few deep breaths while you think about your next step.
    3. As much as you want and wish for other people in your life to change, if they’re not ready or
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