Does Working Out Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss

Xercise, on the whole, is god for your health.  Working out on a regular basis is good for your physical health, will give you energy, will be good for your state of mind, and will improve your night’s sleep.  Too much of a good thing, including exercise, is not always a good thing.  Some experts have argued that one … Read More

Get Ready for Summer with Smooth Skin

Smooth Skin

Summer isn’t too far away and it’s time for us to start getting ready to wear those revealing bikinis and shorts with  Smooth Skin.  You don’t want to spend your summer hiding your legs because you can’t get rid of unwanted hair or dry skin. As women we want to look out best, head to the beach with friends and … Read More

Tips On How To Avoid Hair Loss In Men

A man losing his hair as he ages is about as inevitable as death or taxes, and nothing can be done to stop it. However, fortunately for men, science has made leaps and bounds in understanding what exactly causes Hair Loss In Men, effective ways to stop it, and even in some cases, possibly reverse it. New research, however, is … Read More